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Florida Intellectual Property Lawyer

As a Board Certified Attorney in Intellectual Property Law by the Florida Bar, and with more than 17 years experience, I assist individual and business clients with clearing, purchasing, licensing, protecting, maintaining, enforcing, and litigating trademarks, copyrights, and domain names.

Protecting Your Creative Capital

As a Florida business owner, you know the importance of protecting your assets and taking all legal action necessary to enforce your ownership rights. Unfortunately, many people are not as diligent when it comes to safeguarding their company’s intellectual property interests. There is considerable value behind your trademarks, copyrights and domain names, so it is essential to preserve it and enforce your rights against infringement. Failure to take proper action with respect to your intellectual property puts your interests at risk and constitutes a loss for your business.

When you realize that your creative capital has substantial value that is worthy of protection, you soon appreciate the importance of retaining a skilled Florida intellectual property lawyer. Our team at MAVEN® IP has almost 60 years of combined legal and paralegal experience representing clients throughout the United States and internationally, so we are prepared to serve your needs. Please contact our office to set up a consultation with an attorney today.

Comprehensive Legal Services in All Intellectual Property Matters

Our firm’s primary focus is advising and assisting clients in a wide range of intellectual property legal matters, along with specific activities related to these assets. We can provide competent counseling with regards to applications, as well as transactions and contracts involving your creative assets. If enforcement becomes necessary, we are aggressive in pursuing those responsible for misconduct.

The Florida intellectual property attorneys at MAVEN® IP deliver quality legal services in connection with:

  1. Trademarks: When a word, logo, phrase, symbol, image, or other depiction identifies your business and distinguishes it from other companies, you can file a trademark application to protect the content. This type of intellectual property constitutes your brand identity, so you have standing to initiate trademark litigation for misappropriation and related misconduct.
  2. Domain NamesMost often, companies utilize their brands in their domain names.  While not necessarily trademarks, they can be and they are valuable assets to your business. We can file UDRP and other administrative proceedings to help secure your rights.
  3. Copyrights: U.S. copyright statutes and common law principles protect your writings, pictures, music, art, and other works of art.

Other IP-Related Legal Services

To the extent that intellectual property laws apply, our firm is ready to assist with domain names, internet law, e-commerce, and online selling platforms, and related areas.

Contact a Florida Intellectual Property Lawyer for More Information

Our counseling services are designed to protect your imagination and innovation while maintaining flexibility to make the most of them in an evolving global marketplace. At MAVEN® IP, our Florida IP lawyers understand that collaboration is the key to a successful intellectual property strategy and we look forward to understanding your business objectives in order to give you the best advice.

At MAVEN® IP , we are dedicated to protecting your creative capital in a global environment while offering flexibility to inspire imagination and innovation. Our Florida intellectual property attorneys take a collaborative approach to serving our clients, putting your needs and business objectives first. To learn more about our legal services, please call 305.967.7450 or toll-free at 855.636.2836 to set up a consultation.

Protecting Your Creative Capital®

At MAVEN® IP, we want to be considered your essential partner in creating and implementing an intellectual property strategy that optimizes your intellectual property’s value, efficiency, and protection.

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