Brand Development & Monitoring

We understand the importance of brands to your business.  It is more than a simple logo design, it is the first impression and key identifier in establishing your brand. We also understand the importance of protecting these brands in an international marketplace. Who better to assist you in the development of your brand (i.e. trademark) than the team that gets this! Over the years, we have had clients approach us to protect trademarks that were developed by either their in-house marketing team or outside marketing team that are simply not protectable! After investing substantial financial resources in the development of a trademark and/or emotionally attaching to a trademark, it is devastating for a client to learn the trademark is already in use by a third party or too descriptive to be protectable.

Combining our legal expertise with your in-house or outside marketing team provides a powerful collaborative service for our clients. We provide input early in the creative process to mitigate the risk of a weak mark. As a collaborative, we will discuss and develop various marks with potential for your product/service, conduct preliminary knockout searches, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of certain marks, foreign translations (if a global launch or an international product/service is at issue), and present an assessment of potential marks for our client’s review.

MAVEN® Brand Development Services Include:


Review existing identity material and establish client preference



Review potential brands for strength and availability


Collaborating with client on selecting most distinctive mark


Identifying products and services for trademark clearance


Trademark clearance

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