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Choose, Register and Protect Your Company’s Brands with the Help of an Experienced Colorado Trademark Lawyer

Choosing a valuable trademark is one of the first steps toward commercializing a product or service. Once you select a trademark, protecting it becomes imperative. You need to make sure that your company—and your company alone—is controlling the mark’s image in the marketplace, and you need to preserve the mark’s value for when it comes time to sell. A Colorado trademark attorney at MAVEN IP can assist with all aspects of building, protecting and monetizing your company’s brands.

Our IP attorneys assist startups and established companies of all sizes with all aspects of trademark selection, trademark protection and trademark management. From choosing an available trademark to taking legal action against others who attempt to siphon your company’s goodwill, we can help make sure your company is able to leverage its trademarks to the fullest extent possible.

Our Trademark Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of trademark services for brand-based companies. Services provided by our Colorado trademark attorneys include:

Trademark Searches

Before adopting a trademark, it is necessary to make sure the mark is available for use. If another company is already using (or has already applied to register) the same mark or a “confusingly similar” mark to promote competing goods or services, then the mark is no longer available—and adopting it could lead to infringement litigation.

We offer two tiers of trademark search services. If you have a proposed trademark in mind, we can begin with a knockout search focused on quickly identifying any obvious bars to registration. If the knockout search does not uncover any conflicts, then we can order a comprehensive search report and provide advice regarding whether it makes sense to move forward or go back to the drawing board.

Trademark Opinions

Trademark opinions can be beneficial for companies in various circumstances. If a trademark search uncovers potential, but non-obvious, conflicts for a highly desirable trademark, we can provide an opinion regarding the level of risk associated with adopting the mark. Or, if a third party owns a registration that stands in the way of adopting your company’s desired mark, we can provide an opinion regarding any grounds to challenge the third party’s registration.

We also provide trademark opinions in connection with potential disputes and litigation. This includes opinions regarding our clients’ likelihood of success in pursuing restraining orders and other remedies as well as opinions regarding our clients’ likelihood of success defending against infringement allegations. These are matters that require informed decisions, and company founders and executives need to know that they are plotting a strategic course with their company’s (and its investors’) best interests in mind.

Trademark Applications

We file and prosecute trademark registration applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and trademark registrars around the globe. We can help you determine when and where to file, and we can manage the entire trademark application process on your company’s behalf.

When filing a trademark application, there are several important factors to consider. Should you file for registration of a word mark or image mark? Will you need to include any disclaimers in order to obtain registration? Which class(es) of goods and services should your application cover? Can you file on an intent-to-use (ITU) basis? These are just a few examples of the many important questions a Colorado trademark lawyer at Maven IP can help you answer.

USPTO Office Actions

If the trademark examiner assigned to your company’s application identifies any issues that stand in the way of registration, the examiner will issue an Office Action. To avoid denial of registration, your company must timely file an appropriate response. Office Action responses can vary widely depending on the issue(s) at hand—from remedying technical deficiencies to submitting legal arguments with supporting documentation.

Trademark Renewals

In the United States, trademark registrations first come up for renewal after five years. Initial registration periods in other countries are generally between five and ten years as well. Failure to timely renew a registered trademark can result in loss of exclusive rights.

We handle trademark renewals for our clients. We docket our clients’ renewal deadlines to ensure timely filings, and we prepare all necessary renewal documentation. If any issues arise during the renewal process, we can address these as well.

Our Colorado Trademark Law Firm is Also Skilled at Trademark Disputes

Trademark disputes involving infringement, license violations, domain name squatting and other issues can prove costly if not handled effectively. Our lawyers have significant experience advising and representing clients on both sides of these disputes. Depending on the circumstances involved, we can provide assistance with matters including:

  • Trademark Infringement Investigations – If a third party is infringing your company’s exclusive trademark rights, we can gather the evidence needed to prove it. We can conduct investigations in the marketplace and online, and we can work with you to determine what course of action is warranted.
  • Cease and Desist Letters – In many cases, the first step after uncovering evidence of infringement is to send a cease and desist letter. If this approach makes sense in your case, a Colorado trademark attorney at MAVEN IP can draft a custom-tailored letter that addresses the specific circumstances at hand.
  • Takedown Notices – If a competitor is using your company’s trademarks on a third-party platform such as Amazon, we can send a takedown notice to the platform. Most major social media companies and online marketplaces have established policies and procedures for handling these situations.
  • Informal Dispute Resolution – Oftentimes, sending a cease and desist letter or a takedown notice will lead to informal discussions with the infringer. Working out an informal resolution will be the most cost-effective approach in many cases.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Litigation – If other means of resolution prove unsuccessful, our Colorado trademark lawyers can pursue ADR or file a lawsuit in court. These means provide access to legally enforceable remedies, and they will often spur good-faith private negotiations as well.

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