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Florida Copyright Lawyer 

Copyright protection for writings has existed in the U.S. since the dawn of our nation, with the underlying concept being so important that the Founding Fathers specifically included provisions in the Constitution. In the decades that followed, copyright laws and principles have become increasingly complex as the technology behind communicating works has developed. The class of materials protected by copyright laws has expanded from basic writings, art, and music to cover movies, software, online content, and more.

As a copyright holder, you possess a wide array of exclusive rights which is why it is crucial to work with an experienced  copyright lawyer for assistance with attaining, preserving, and protecting them.

Overview of U.S. Copyright Laws

When you think of copyrighted material as an ownership interest in property, you can probably guess some of the major legal issues that arise. There are multiple laws in the US that cover various aspects of copyright law, such as:

  • Registration: You attain copyright upon creating an original work of authorship in a fixed, tangible medium, so no additional action is necessary to register. However, to enforce your rights through litigation, you must register the work with the US Copyright Office.
  • Ownership: By virtue of your copyright interest, you have the exclusive right to reproduce, disseminate, perform, display, issue licenses, and prepare derivative materials.
  • Infringement: Any use of your work by another person or entity may constitute a violation of your copyrights if you did not provide permission. It may not be considered infringement if the other party engaged in fair use of the material, such as to report news, research, or create a parody.
  • Enforcement: As the copyright owner, you have standing to take legal action against infringement. You can seek legal damages as compensation for your losses, as well as a “cease-and-desist” and other equitable remedies.

Our Legal Services For Copyright

At MAVEN® IP, our team is dedicated to counseling on copyright issues and protecting your interests in your creative capital. Our Florida copyright attorneys can assist with such tasks as:

  • Handling copyright registrations in the United States;
  • Handling copyright matters internationally through our network of foreign associates;
  • Granting permission for others to use your copyright rights, such as through assignment, purchase, sale, licensing, and marketing;
  • Copyright portfolio management and audits; and
  • Copyright enforcement and litigation. 

Discuss Your Needs With A Florida Copyright Lawyer

Our team at MAVEN® IP represents clients of all sizes and in many different market sectors, so we have amassed considerable experience over several years of practice. If you have questions or need advice with a copyright matter, please contact MAVEN® IP by calling 305.967.7450 or toll-free at 855.636.2836 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation with a knowledgeable Florida copyright attorney who can review your circumstances and provide you with some initial guidance.

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