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When you realize that your intellectual property is just as essential and valuable to your Florida business as other assets, you soon understand the importance of protecting it. The problem is that there are numerous sources of the laws covering your creative capital, and various different types of assets to cultivate and preserve. Any intellectual property that has value to your company will also be sought out by others, so you can only preserve your competitive advantage with diligent effort and attention to detail.

Fortunately, you can rely on our team at MAVEN IP for assistance with counseling, protecting, and enforcing your ownership interests in creative assets. We possess more than 50 years of combined legal and paralegal experience, along with in-depth knowledge of the relevant federal laws and international treaties. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation with a Florida intellectual property lawyer, and read on for a description of our legal services in this practice area.

Legal Services in Intellectual Property Law

Our firm’s core practice area is intellectual property, so we are ideally positioned to provide knowledgeable counseling and diligent enforcement efforts related to your creative assets.

  • Intellectual Property Classifications: We represent clients of all sizes in a wide range of industries when they face legal issues in the four key categories of intellectual property:
    • Copyrights, which cover your written works, pictures, artwork, music, and related content;
    • Trademarks, such as the logos, symbols, images, and other depictions that make your company unique;
    • Patents granted to protect processes, machines, devices, and related innovations; and
    • Trade secrets, which comprise any confidential information, methods, formulas, customer lists, and related details.
  • Litigation: Once you have legal protection for your creative assets, you have grounds to enforce your property rights. In some cases, a cease-and-desist letter will achieve your objectives. However, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit to protect your interests.
  • Online Intellectual Property Issues: Our team also handles specific activities and interactions that affect your intellectual property, including domain names, internet law, e-commerce and online selling platforms, and many others.

Solid Legal Representation is Essential 

Our Florida intellectual property lawyers at MAVEN IP tackle various legal matters, with particular focus on counseling clients on their rights, obligations, requirements, and objectives. We are prepared to assist with such tasks as:

  • Navigating the applications process;
  • Licensing, assignments, and merchandising;
  • Preparing contracts and other documentation related to transactions in intellectual property;
  • Portfolio management and maintenance;
  • Brand monitoring for purposes of detecting infringement; and
  • Litigation, including filing and responding to court documents, discovery, motions, hearings, and preparation for trial.

Consult with a Florida Intellectual Property Attorney to Learn More

As you can see from this description of the relevant legal concepts, retaining experienced counsel is critical to protecting your creative capital. Our team at MAVEN IP is ready to serve your needs so please contact our office to speak to a Florida intellectual property lawyer. You can set up a consultation by calling 305.967.7450 or toll-free at 855.636.2836.

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