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Florida Internet Law Lawyer

Internet law is unique in the legal world in the sense that the relevant concepts are derived from a range of traditional practice areas, such as contract law, privacy, intellectual property, and many others. There is no specific, stable set of laws that applies across national borders, yet the internet itself and supporting technologies evolve at a lightning-fast speed. Whether your Florida business sells goods or provides services through the web, the legal landscape can lead to confusion and uncertainty – neither of which provide a suitable environment for your company to thrive.

Fortunately, a body of internet law has developed out of the maze of statutes, case law, and regulations that apply to online activities. Because this practice area is still adapting, it is crucial to work with knowledgeable legal counsel that focuses on these concepts and stays current on developments. You can trust our Florida internet law lawyers at MAVEN IP for skilled advice and counsel, so please contact our office to set up a consultation. You might also benefit from reviewing some general information.

Legal Issues Related to Internet Law

When it comes to sources of internet law, there is a massive collection of statutes, court opinions, and administrative rules at just the federal and state level. As borders do not affect online activities, some sites, platforms, and content are also subject to regulation by foreign nations. Within this labyrinth of concepts, it may be easier to understand internet law by reviewing the fundamental legal themes that impact Florida businesses.

  • Marketing, especially practices and subject matter designated as unlawful in other countries;
  • Intellectual property, including management and protection of your copyrights, trademarks, and patents online;
  • Tax laws, which are different in every US state and in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Online content, such as your images, videos, social media profiles, website, blogs, and downloadable material;
  • Architecture, an umbrella concept that covers how data is transmitted over the web through coding, encryption, filters, and search engines.

Assistance with Internet Laws and Regulation

MAVEN IP concentrates on all areas of intellectual property law, which is closely tied and interconnected to internet law. As such, we have amassed extensive experience tackling complicated legal issues and built a massive knowledge base of the related laws. Our Florida internet law lawyers are prepared to advise you and assist with all tasks related to:

  • Documents posted on your website, such as legal notices, disclaimers, privacy policies, website linking, and other terms and conditions;
  • Advertising and marketing compliance;
  • Web-based agreements with other entities, including co-branding, cross-branding and sponsorship contracts;
  • Social media development and policies;
  • Agreements with third party partners, such as those covering web development, content creation, and marketing;
  • Domain name licensing; and
  • Many others.

Trust a Florida Internet Law Attorney for Guidance

This information may be useful as an overview, but there are many other specific concepts that business owners need to know. For more information on our legal services, please contact MAVEN IP at 305.967.7450 or toll-free at 855.636.2836. We can schedule a consultation with a Florida internet law lawyer who can explain additional concepts and offer detailed advice.

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