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Florida Trademark Lawyer 

A trademark is perhaps one of the most important assets your Florida business will ever own, so you will obviously do all you can to protect it. Your name, logo, and other visual representations are your brand, the “face” that your customers associate with your company and reputation. As a business asset, you could suffer harm from unauthorized use of your trademark by others. Attaining, preserving, and preventing misuse are therefore key to retaining the value of your company’s trademark.

At MAVEN IP, our Florida trademark lawyers are dedicated to these tasks and all other efforts necessary to achieve your business objectives. Our firm represents companies of all sizes, and we have extensive experience with registrations both in the US and abroad. Please contact our office to set up a consultation today, and check out some general information about trademark legal concepts.

Synopsis of Trademark Laws

Because of the importance to your business, your brand name, phrases, symbols, and other trademarks represent an ownership interest in property. With this point in mind, you should understand the basics related to how you obtain, use, maintain, and get value out of trademarks.

  • Registration: If your trademark qualifies under specific rules, you can protect it by being the first to register it with the USPTO. Registration acts as notice to the public of your ownership and exclusive right to use the mark in commerce. You also preserve certain rights by using the mark in commerce, though they are typically limited by geography.
  • Management of Trademarks: Upon registering, you can utilize your trademark in various ways, such as by licensing, assigning, or selling it. However, you also have obligations as the owner. You must be diligent in monitoring your trademark to avoid abandonment, dilution, or infringement by third parties.
  • Trademark Infringement and Enforcement: Trademark owners have legal options when faced by misconduct by another entity, so you have standing to take legal action for infringement. Keep in mind that trademark dilution can also be a serious issue, since it can blur its distinctiveness or tarnish your reputation.

Supporting Your Needs in All Areas of Trademark Law

At the core of our legal services at MAVEN IP is counseling, since you need considerable details to make informed decisions regarding your trademarks. Still, our Florida trademarks lawyers are also committed to all tasks associated with trademark management, including: 

  • Advising you on trademark clearance, selection and use;
  • Drafting, filing, and prosecuting trademark applications;
  • Maintaining your trademark portfolio;
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements for trademark licensing, merchandising, assignments, and acquisitions; and
  • Due diligence.

Speak to Our Florida Trademarks Attorneys About Your Options

This overview may be helpful in describing the basics, but there are numerous details that you need to know to protect your trademark interests. Instead of putting your company’s rights at risk, trust our team at MAVEN IP to tackle the complicated legal tasks. To schedule a consultation with a Florida trademarks lawyer, please call our office at 305.967.7450 or toll-free at 855.636.2836. Once we review your circumstances and understand your goals, we can develop a strategy.

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