Executive Assistant

I am a seasoned Executive Assistant with over 20 years in the field.  I have extensive experience with all administrative tasks, including scheduling, data entry, and correspondence. Having held positions in the legal, medical, retail, and hospitality industries, I am able to tailor my skills to meet the needs of various clients.  I have a keen eye for details and a true desire to help and solve problems which has increased efficiency in several of my assigned tasks. I am able to interact directly with potential and existing clients and my approach to bears in mind the MAVEN® IP philosophy.

In addition to my duties as an Executive Assistant, I am an avid writer and artist who works remotely from wherever I find myself in the world.  While also creating art, I love to connect with people in my travels, and try my best to leave things behind better than I found them.  My constant travel companion is my sweet little five-year-old cat who knows exactly what to do when the suitcase gets taken out.  With the spirit of a renaissance woman and a mind for business, I adore being a part of a team of other dynamic, clever and remarkable people.


At MAVEN® IP, we want to be considered your essential partner in creating and implementing an intellectual property strategy that optimizes your intellectual property’s value, efficiency, and protection.